Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, by aromatherapy expert, Julia Lawless, is an extensive, authoritative reference on aromatherapy and aromatherapy oils.

The book uses an A to Z listing and lists over 190 commonly used aromatherapy oils. It gives in-depth details on the flower oils, talks about the history of aromatherapy and herbalism and describes the effects on body and mind. Each entry in this plant oil encyclopedia provides information on the common name of the plant, its Latin name, its botanical plant family, other common names used, what the plant looks like, where it is found, what the oil looks like, extraction methods, the folk tradition for each plant, aromatherapy applications, how to make your own blends, home use and commercial uses as well as safety information.

The book includes photos of the various oils in glass vials, illustrations of the whole plant and photographs of the part of the plant used to make the oil.

For anyone interested in aromatherapy and herbalism, this book is a well-resourced reference guide to essential oils and their uses. It is a must-have for aromatherapists using oil every day in their healing work as well as for people interested in the application and potential healing powers of aromatherapy oils.