What Is Naturopathy?

Most people rely upon traditional Western medicine if they become ill. They make an appointment with a doctor and follow the treatment given to achieve a desired result. However, some people choose to forgo traditional medicine and seek out a naturopathic practitioner instead. How can a naturopath help and will you be able to achieve the same result, which is to feel better?

Naturopathic practitioners differ from modern medical doctors in that they are interested in more than treating the symptoms a person has. In fact, the naturopath will work toward healing the whole person. This is done by emphasizing preventative measures each individual can do, encouraging the body’s own ability to heal itself, and addressing each person’s responsibility for their own health. This may be done by using nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic medicine, or changing one’s lifestyle.

Naturopaths are concerned with finding the underlying reason behind the symptoms their patients have. They treat everyone in a family from the youngest baby to the oldest senior and everyone in between. They provide hands-on support in helping their clients learn to live a healthy life while dealing with the craziness of today’s busy schedules.

Like a traditional doctor, naturopaths treat colds, flu, emotional issues, sleep disorders, injuries and so much more. If one of their clients is facing chronic health problems, naturopaths also treat those with diabetes, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, allergies, and depression. There’s not much a naturopath won’t try to help with. And, if they’re unfamiliar with a particular ailment, a naturopath will welcome the chance to learn in order to treat their patients.

Naturopaths work with individuals. They will take a complete medical history during their initial visit and will treat each person as the individual they are. Since no two people are alike, there’s no reason to treat people with similar conditions the same. Treatment options are tailored to each person’s needs in order to bring them back to optimal health.

Can naturopathy and traditional medicine coincide with one another? Naturopaths won’t ask you to stop seeing a traditional doctor while they are treating you. In fact, many naturopathic treatments can work in conjunction with what a traditional doctor prescribes. If possible, however, it would be beneficial for both doctors to be aware of the other in case they need to consult with one another concerning your treatment or medications you may be taking.

As you can see, there’s not much a naturopathic practitioner can’t or won’t treat. Of course, there may be some conditions they’d prefer not to deal with, but each naturopath will have to make those determinations based on each patient. If you’re curious whether or not a naturopath can help you, the best way is to find one, make an appointment, and find out for yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.