Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring For Twins or More!

If you are expecting twins or more, you might ask yourself the question of how to feed those little hungry mouths. You have obviously chosen to breastfeed your babies, otherwise you wouldn’t be contemplating buying this book. The author of Mothering Multiples is an experienced La Leche League leader and lactation consultant. She frequently gives lectures on multiples.

The book offers a lifeline to all mothers-to-be or new mothers of twins and multiple births. It gives a wealth of essential information on how often you can expect to breastfeed them, how to hold them, how to keep up the milk production and eventually incorporate formula into their daily diet and lots more you might want to know about feeding your little ones.

In addition, you can read up on pregnancy related issues with twins, tips and advice on how to prepare yourself for the arrival of multiple births, preemie babies and low-weight babies, how to deal with sibling rivalry and the emotions as a couple and lots more.

If you are expecting twins or more, you will find this book very helpful and encouraging. I would certainly recommend it.