Montrose Place

Located in the foothills of South Africa’s panoramic Cape Town mountainside, Montrose Place is a facility that treats individuals with a wide range of conditions. It is primarily a treatment center for addiction, compulsive disorders, and chemical dependence.

Montrose Place has put together an international team of qualified including: a clinical psychologist, an occupational therapist, an addictions counselor, a therapeutic dietician, a consulting psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse, as well as a team of fitness and recreational professionals.

Montrose Place takes a different and more comprehensive approach to recovery in that they design individual as well as family treatment programs. They utilize traditional and contemporary techniques that are intended to maximize the spiritual, psychological, and social development of the individual. In short, they treat the whole person.

Among the many therapies offered at Montrose Place are: individual and group psychotherapy, gender and relationship groups, art and drama therapy, yoga, pilates, and meditation therapy, life skills and self-esteem therapy, family programs, physical health and fitness programs, and specialized focus groups.

Montrose Place provides treatment for alcohol addiction, chemical dependence, gambling addiction, co-dependency, and sexual addiction. They also specialize in the treatment of diagnoses such as bipolar disorder, OCD, Anxiety, depression, and trauma.

As a resident at Montrose Place, you will find a tranquil home away from home in the most peaceful and private setting. Residential features include: bedrooms with suite bathrooms, extra length beds with down duvets, two home theatres and satellite, a swimming pool, three meals daily, exercise and yoga room, transfers to and from airport, private transport to and from all meetings, tours of Cape Town, and arrangements for families. Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of Montrose Place is that it offers its clients the best care but in a discrete manner as well as the privacy and security you expect.

For more information on rates and other confidential matters, you can contact Montrose Place at: