Got Milk?

Milk normally comes from cows. It provides us with calcium, vitamin D and also a healthy amount of fat and protein. Milk can come from other animals too but we will concentrate on the different kinds of cow’s milk and non-animal milk products here.

* Whole milk – This milk has a rich texture and contains about 4 percent milk fat. Children who are weaned off the breast are given whole milk to meet their nutritional needs.

* Two percent milk – This milk has fewer milk fats. It contains ten grams of protein and is fortified with vitamin A and D like whole milk. This milk has less richness due to the lack of milk fat.

* One percent milk – This is the closest to skim milk but still with some substance that is thicker than water. It gives you the benefit of the added vitamins but without the milk fat. If you are eating to lose weight, try this or skim milk.

* Skim milk – Contains no milk fat. This milk provides fewer calories than whole milk. It has a bluish tint and is more the consistency of water. It contains vitamins, just like whole milk.

* Organic milk – This milk is much like whole milk but has met the guidelines set down by the government for obtaining milk from organic farms. It has fewer pesticides, hormones and antibiotics than is supposed to be inside regular milk.

* Buttermilk – Has a yellowish appearance and smells sour. The reason for that is that it is soured milk. It is made from low-fat milk and contains sweeteners for taste. It can be used to make biscuits, pancakes and waffles.

* Soy milk – For those who are vegan or vegetarian and don’t want to eat meat products. This comes from soy protein, ground soybeans. It is more like a beverage but has the consistency of milk and lots of protein.

* Flavored milk – Made from two percent or fat-free milk. Flavoring is added for strawberry milk. Cocoa is added for chocolate milk. Sweetener is also added for taste.

* Powdered milk – This milk is processed and heat treated to remove bacteria. It is a mixture of whole milk and part skim milk. Water is removed from the liquid to produce the powder. It has a longer shelf life and can be reconstituted with water for cereal and recipes.

* Condensed milk – Used to sweeten recipes. It is milk from which water has been removed and with sugars to make it thick.