Men and Weightloss

Men and weight loss is a subject which has hardly been discussed, but it should be; at least among men. When it comes to dieting, men have a different point of view. Place a dinner consisting of steak and potatoes in front of them, and they are most happy. Perhaps it will not be evident when they are young, but as they grow older, all of the fatty foods they’ve eaten may eventually catch up with them.

While weight loss is a topic most women can discuss, chapter and verse, men seen to fall into the “yeah, whatever” category. There is a wonderful commercial which nails the problem on the head. A man is sitting in a chic restaurant with his woman friend. He is given a gourmet lunch (which you can hardly see on the plate). He stands up, throws down his napkin and says, “Enough of this chick food!” Runs out of the restaurant and goes across the street to a fast food restaurant. A song begins, and a stream of men start filing out of the restaurant with a cheese burger in their hands rejoicing about the virtues of being able to eat what they want; and what they want is a cheese burger. Although it was a wonderful commercial, it really brought home the fact that men want hearty meals; meaty meals; and are not engaged in eating “chick” food.

While the daily recommended diet should consist of two servings of fruit plus three servings of vegetables, needless to say it is difficult for many men to follow these guidelines. In order to assist men and weight loss, here are some tips you may wish to utilize:

Instead of high fat content meals, reduce the fact by consuming lean meats instead. Reduce sugar intake by substituting water instead of sodas and alcohol, especially beer. If you need to snack, try low-fat cheese or non-fat yogurt. Stay away from Trans fats and foods which are fried.

You can certainly have sandwiches, but try to choose roast beef or ham; (you may want to try the Subway Restaurants which have low calorie, but delicious subs). Stay away from the fast food restaurants as much as possible. Bring lunch to the workplace or job site. You can just as easily make a healthy meal at home, and save money as well. Eat vegetables and grains that are high in fiber and low in fat. Limit your sodium intake as well.

Try to do some form of exercise daily. You don’t have to kill yourself but a steady 20 to 30 minutes at least 4 or 5 times a week will make a huge different to your weight and life overall. The good news is that studies have shown that men do tend to lose weight faster than women once they embark on a plan of healthy eating and exercise.

Men and weight loss usually bond together at an older age, when a doctor advises your cholesterol is too high; you’ve developed a paunch; or you have high blood pressure. While you may be healthy now, undoubtedly you wish to remain so as you age. The only way this will happen is if you begin to understand the diet process; and why it is so important to your health.