Max Strom: Strength, Grace, Healing

Max Strom is a well-known yoga master who approaches his yoga teachings in a very holistic way to strengthen body, mind and emotions. He is also the founder and director of the Sacred Movement Center for Yoga and Healing in Los Angeles. In this DVD set, he provides a great introduction to yoga with exercises that are designed for beginners/intermediate students in easy to follow steps. You will learn the proper yoga technique and how to do it safely.

The variety in this DVD set has a great deal to offer. You can follow 2 beginner yoga practices (one of 90 minutes and one of 45 minutes) where you challenge yourself to various poses as gracefully and intensively as you want them to be. Also very enjoyable and calming are the meditation exercises. His style of yoga encourages inner peace and calm, while at the same time providing you with physical wellbeing.

Overall, the DVD set is certainly worth investing in if you are looking for total relaxation and at the same time a good workout.