Magnet Therapy for Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual pain is something that joins women around the globe. Women have tried many methods to ease the pain and some have actually brought relief. One thing you may not have tried yet is treating menstrual pain with magnet therapy.

You know what menstrual cramps are; those mild contractions or aches and pains in your lower abdomen. Normally they occur right before menstruation starts and last a few days. For some women the monthly discomfort is more than they can bear but they don’t want to use medications to ease the pain. Magnetic therapy has been used to treat a variety of aches and pains.

Magnets create a field around them and some believe the magnetic field can block pain. This may be because the pain signals are blocked from ever reaching the brain. The effect is relief from menstrual cramps so you can go about your day free of pain.

Find several static magnets. These are magnets which create an unchanging field. Once they are placed on the body you won’t have to worry about their effectiveness changing. Static magnets are similar to ones you might find to stick messages to your refrigerator; however, you’ll probably want to find static magnets specifically made for easing pain.

As with any self-treatment you do at home, be sure to read the instructions. For menstrual cramps, you’ll want to attach the magnets to your clothing, as close to the skin as possible. This may mean sewing the magnets into the underwear so they are located near the area of pain.

You may need three to six sessions of using the magnets before you notice the pain subsiding. Keep the magnets in place only for the recommended time. This will ensure you don’t become used to the magnets which could decrease how effective they are. For the magnets to be the most effective, take them off as instructed and leave them off until told to put them on again.

Obviously your life will have to go on while you’re using magnet therapy. Remove the magnets prior to eating and then wait for at least an hour after you’ve eaten to avoid interfering with digestion. Magnets may not allow muscles in your digestive system to work properly, so it’s important to leave them off while eating and after so your food digests.

People using pacemakers or other devices such as defibrillators, insulin pumps, or liver infusion pumps should avoid magnets. Magnetic fields may affect the way the device works and could cause serious health conditions.

Menstrual pain isn’t something you have to endure each month. By using traditional and non-traditional methods, such as treating menstrual pain with magnet therapy, you may find a way to end the pain you feel each month.