Low Calorie Pizza

Many commercial crusts are made with white flour. Processed white flour contains too many sugars. It rates high on the glycemic index.

For those who don’t know, the glycemic index is a way of rating carbohydrates. If a carbohydrate causes your blood sugar to spike, it will usually get a number above 50 on the index. Spikes are usually followed by periods of sluggishness when you eat more spiking carbs to give you some energy. It is a vicious cycle.

Eating foods that are lower on this index will help keep your blood sugar steady, which fights cravings. Your energy level becomes consistent throughout the day as well.

Try a whole wheat crust. You can make your own with whole wheat flour and a little white flour or buy it already made.

The sauce used for pizzas is generally healthy. It is made from whole tomatoes and tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, which is good for improving eyesight and fighting disease in the body. If you want, buy sauce made from organically grown tomatoes.

The next problem factor in pizza is the cheese. We love it when it strings down our chin, but it is also adding pounds to the waistline. The next time you make pizza, try this. Use shredded cheese with a little oil to help it spread out better. There are also lower-fat blocks of cheese you can buy and shred yourself. They don’t contain the same anti-clumping cellulose that is found in most pre-shredded cheese.

How about those toppings? Who says that you have to have bacon, sausage and pepperoni? If you want meat, choose turkey varieties, lean chicken breast or Canadian bacon. Vegetable pizzas are not just for vegetarians. If you use freshly cut veggies, their natural flavor and sweetness will permeate your pizza for a great aroma and taste.

As the finishing touch, add a variety of spices to your pizza. Of course there is the Italian blend of spices, but you can add crushed red peppers and a sprinkling of dried garlic for a kick.

Fresh toppings are always better than store bought. And, creating you pizza at home is preferable to buying in the store or the restaurant, because you know what ingredients were used to make it. You can control the amount of fat as well as flavor in your pizza pie.

Who says you can’t create a healthier pizza? Use the ideas above and create your own healthy creation at home so everyone can indulge without fear.