What is Limbic Stress Assessment?

The body strives to maintain a level of balance. This is called homeostasis in scientific terms. How do you know that your body is not in balance? That’s an easy one. When we are not balanced we suffer from things like stress, illness, weight gain, mood swings, tiredness and pain. These are all symptoms of a body in crisis.

When your body isn’t well, it tries to return to a state of balance, but it can be hard without your help. Let’s say that you have a pain. You will try medications and other methods to alleviate the pain. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, depending on whether you found the root cause and treated it. If the cause was stress, then encountering more stress means the pain will return eventually.

That is where the limbic stress assessment (LSA) comes in. The LSA system uses a little device designed for your hand to help with the testing. It is completely non-invasive so there are no surgical instruments used.

The system was first instituted by Dr. Reinhold Voll. Using a hand cradle, he introduced a low voltage current into the body that was used to read the energy fields in the body. Energy is meant to flow freely throughout the body. When a low energy reading was encountered, it means that there was some sort of blockage going on that was unbalancing the body.

This is a biofeedback system that is conducted through the hand cradle. The cradle is used to test your body’s response to several different types of stressors. Without saying a word, your skin interacts with the computer system to relay messages about physical and emotional problems in the body. They are talking while you relax.

After the computer assesses your body’s information, it sets about finding a solution for the cause of the imbalance. You are participating in your own treatment. The LSA can identify if your imbalances are being caused by stress, foods, environmental changes, people, or even a lack of a vitamin, mineral or hormone production in the body.

The system suggests treatment options for your unique situation that can return your body to a normal healthy state. The system is used to test these treatment options to see which one provides the best result. Only natural options are used with this system.

If you’ve never thought that your body could tell you what was wrong with it, you will be pleasantly surprised. Using the limbic assessment system, you can find relief without invasive means or traditional medicines that may cause side effects.