Life Coaches

What Are Life Coaches?

These are people who seem to know how to get their life going after it stalls. A stall doesn’t have to be a problem. It could be that you have gotten into a rut and are getting bored with your life. You want to move in new direction but don’t know how.

Life coaches are people who have learned strategies to explore new options and keep their life fresh. They want to share those tools and techniques with you in an effort to enhance your life. There are many aspects to life and therefore, many types of life coaches.

Some are general in scope and other do specific areas. You may have a life coach that specializes in business development. There are others that coach seniors through retirement. Still others work with teaching parents how to parent better. You can find a life coach for almost any niche of life.

It is important to know that all life coaches are not licensed professionals. The profession is still relatively new. There is an international accrediting body, the IFC (International Coach Federation), but you don’t need to attend an accredited institution to call yourself a life coach. You can take courses to deal with the business aspect of coaching as well as how to draw information from your clients to enhance their lives.

How Can They Help?

A life coach is not a therapist. They work with individuals that have an idea of where they want to go and need help getting there. Through their personal experience and coursework that they have done, they can teach you how to go about setting goals and meeting them.

Life coaches are meant to help jumpstart your thinking. Most of us are reluctant to think “outside the box.” A coach can help you to see possibilities you may not have considered before. They also give you a boost of self-confidence as they mentor you through different processes designed to identify what you want to change or enhance about your life.

Life coaching is not for those who are seeking to get at the root of a problem in their life. This is an issue that requires a therapeutic approach in most cases. Life coaches without proper training can stray into the realm of therapy and do a disservice to their clients who have issues outside of their scope.

When choosing a coach, it is important to remember a few things. First, find a coach with credentials and client testimonials. Secondly, ask for a free consultation to see if you are a good match and if they understand what you need. If you basically have things together but need more motivation or more direction, a life coach can help.