Learned Optimism

Learned Optimism is a well-researched book on the subject of optimism/pessimism by a well-known American psychologist, clinical researcher and author of self-help books, Martin Seligman.

In his book “Learned Optimism” he explains, in easy-to-understand and engaging language, what optimism and pessimism are, how they affect our happiness, our overall well-being and our success. If you are a pessimist and want to change your way of thinking, he gives a clear model for you to asses your own thinking style and how to change your way of thinking to become more optimistic. He also gives great advice on how to make sure our children will grow up being optimists and how to lead them away from having a pessimistic outlook on life by becoming successful optimists. Every theory he advocates is explained and based on rock-solid research to persuade even the biggest sceptics.

I like the fact that he includes worksheets in his book to help you in your quest to be happy and optimistic about your life and future.

Overall, if you could do with a life-changing mood book, Martin Seligman has written a valuable self-help book for you and your family.