Kinesiology is a form of treatment that uses the body, specifically the muscles, to help determine what is causing pain, discomfort and other internal issues. By analyzing the body’s response to certain stimuli, you can determine where there is a problem and attempt to treat it.

The body is a well-built machine. Each system works in conjunction with every other system to keep the body as a whole in balance. When the body is out of balance, many things go on. You may not be able to handle stress as well and develop illnesses, pains and even emotional problems.

In the same way that the body works to achieve balance, it can also start to break down like a cascade effect. If you can pinpoint the source of the problem and find a suitable treatment, your body will gradually return to a state of homeostasis and you’ll feel more like your old self again.

With kinesiology, the muscles take the lead. They are tested by using light pressure against them. The participant then tries to hold their muscle firmly in place against the pressure. Muscles are associated with organs and also lines of energy that run throughout the body called meridians. Each forms a type of circuit.

A kinesiologist can use the results of these pressure tests to determine if there is a problem in that muscle, its associated organ or in the flow of energy along that circuit. When different muscles are tested, they will feel soft instead of firm when an imbalance is detected. The kinesiologist will talk to the participant to see if they can detect these areas.

Many problems are associated with stressful situations. If the muscle starts out soft and then gets firm when a certain subject is mentioned, that also indicates an imbalance. The kinesiologist can assess what they have learned to develop treatment options for you.

This system relies on the body to tell what is affecting it. Through their training, the practitioner will suggest types of treatment options to return the body to unobstructed energy flow throughout the body. Natural remedies are most used as a way of rebalancing the body.

In order to determine the correct treatment, different methods are tried and the pressure test repeated to see if it was successful. If it is a physical problem, maybe there is a deficiency or a certain vitamin or other nutrient in the body. Introducing that nutrient back into the body can cause the muscle circuit to perform as it should instead of being soft under pressure.

Kinesiology helps the body return to a normal state. This method can help boost the immune system, relieve pain and increase wellbeing. It is non-invasive and involves no massage or oils. You can stay fully clothed and reap the benefits.

Is your body going through some sort of issues right now? Kinesiology can help you to determine what the source of the problem is and how to treat it.