Kick Football

Fitness is important at all stages of your life. When you are young, it can help you stay active and maintain a normal weight. For parents, it helps you to keep up with those kids who seem to have so much energy. For grandparents, it keeps you independent and also free from injuries that plague less fit individuals in their golden years.

So, when the family gets together, mix it up. If you have a back yard that can accommodate everyone, use it. If not, you can spend time in the park. The object here is to be together and get in shape. When you are having fun it hardly seems like work at all.

Here are some ideas for outdoor activities:

* Play flag football – This is more of a fall sport but it is lots of fun. Divide the family into two teams. Each team must protect their flags while capturing those of the other team. If you have the ball, they will be gunning for you. Lots of running, falling and laughing are involved.

* Play kickball – One word of caution: Have home plate facing away from the house so your windows won’t become a casualty of the fun. Family members of all ages can run the bases and even steal home plate.

* Volleyball – It takes only minutes to set up a net in the back yard. Again, play away from your home so that a ball doesn’t go sailing through the window. If you don’t have enough people, simply pull out the badminton rackets and that little birdie and take your game down a notch.

* Basketball – You don’t have to have a hoop welded to your garage. You can purchase a standalone hoop that can be moved anywhere you need it to. Play a game of HORSE or PIG. All you need is a ball and the desire for fun.

* Frisbee – This game doesn’t require a dog although if you have one, they can join in too. Have several games going at once. It is easy to learn and you won’t even mind the running.

* Swimming – Many of us don’t have a pool in the back yard, so head out to the gym or community pool. When the weather is hot, spending a few hours in the pool together will cool you off. Best of all, swimming is not hard on your joints so you won’t have to ice up afterwards.