What is Kettlebell Training?

Kettlebells are a former Soviet tool used to train their athletes. It looks odd, like a bowling ball with a handle. Despite the way that they look, they are quite effective for burning fat and also building muscle. Kettlebells can be used one at a time. Isolating each limb leads to more focused training and better results. Just one 45-minute workout can have you feeling the difference from other conventional workout routines. So, why choose kettlebells?

* They are convenient – It might be hard to get to the gym for a workout, especially if you are busy or it is too cold outside. With your kettlebells, you can pull them out and use them anywhere. Keep one at your desk in the office and work out after the working day is done.

* They are inexpensive overall – The cost of a treadmill or climbing machine is a few thousand dollars. Buying an entire weight range of these kettlebells may set you back a few hundred dollars. In just a short time they will pay for themselves.

* They work muscles where it’s needed – Performing kettlebell swings will work the shoulders, lower back and hip flexors. The latter is important for proper balance. Sometimes knee pain is due to weaknesses in the hips. Working with this equipment, you can strengthen those muscles. They also increase coordination and strength in other weakened areas.

* They increase endurance and flexibility – People underestimate the kettlebell. They don’t realize what a workout they can get only in a few minutes time. With increased oxygen capacity you can improve performance in other sports and exercises that you choose to do. Flexibility is important for contact sports and other team sports.

* It is two workouts in one – With the weight of the bells, you are performing workouts that increase cardiovascular health and strength training all in one motion. By moving the ball in a swinging motion while you perform your moves, you are constantly adjusting for balance which works the abdominal area. Because your arms are constantly moving above your heart, you are raising your heart rate.

* They work the joints through the whole range of motion – Many machines in the gym have a limited range of motion. As a result, some don’t use free weights due to poor technique. Kettlebells help you to maintain proper form while working the entire area you are focusing on.

Want a great workout in less time? Want a way to keep working out without the boredom that some workouts bring? Try using kettlebells. You can get free workout routines online.