Health Insurance Services

One of the few therapies covered under alternative health insurance services is massage therapy. It is a recognized form of safe and effective medical treatment in the United States.

Massage has been used as an alternative health therapy to treat a variety of chronic conditions, such as low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, and hypertension. Other non-musculoskeletal ailments have also been treated with massage, including diabetes, compromise immune systems, infertility, and depression.

It shouldn’t be too hard to see how massage can help create a greater sense of well-being in one’s mind and body health. A simple massage can show great benefits in stress and tension relief, which can directly play a role in the disorders and illnesses previously named.

If your insurance provider offers massage coverage in their alternative health insurance plan, consider massage a cost-effective way of allowing your body to recover from stress.

Several different forms of massage exist, and they all aim for curative properties in different types of illness. The general form of massage describes soft-tissue manipulation. This is the massage that people refer to most when thinking of the type that seeks to reduce stress levels in one’s body.

Bodywork describes a form of massage that can include manipulation and movement for the purposes of creating a structural change in the body.

Somatic massage describes a technique that uses a holistic, or mind-body, approach to manipulation.

All of these forms of massage therapy should be covered under alternative health insurance, so don’t limit yourself when looking for massage techniques – find one that’s right for your needs and your comfort level.

When looking for a massage therapist that is covered under your alternative health insurance services, look for one that is licensed and certified if you live in one of the thirty-three states that offers certification.