Summer Infant 6-Piece Oral Care Set

The Summer Infant 6-Piece Oral Care Set is designed for babies and toddlers and includes all the essentials needed to keep your baby’s/toddler’s gums and teeth strong and healthy. It also teaches your little ones from a very young age that taking care of their teeth is important and should be part of their daily cleaning routine.


* Stand with suction cup attachment
* Angled mirror
* Toddler toothbrush
* Gum stimulator
* Finger brush
* Water-filled teether

The water-filled teether can be used at the early baby stage to help soothe baby’s sore gums and before their first teeth break through. The gum massager allows you the massage your baby’s aching gums even at the back of their mouth. The finger toothbrush becomes handy once the first milk teeth are through.

The angled mirror allows you to admire your baby’s first teeth and the included toddler toothbrush is a great way for your toddler to start brushing independently. The stand with suction cup attachment keeps all the pieces neatly in one place.