Indigo Dreams

This is an audio CD in a series of meditation and relaxation techniques. It includes 4 techniques that will help with stress management, relaxation and meditation.

Review: This is a decent CD for learning some of the techniques in helping with relaxation and stress management.

I have a very hard time letting go of the daily pressures of my life. I have tried many different ways to focus on other things, with no success. Then I found this CD.

The music alone helps to relax you. It entices you to want to hear what they have to say and before you know it you're even trying some of the techniques they talk about.

I actually didn’t believe I could clear my mind enough to do the four steps. It starts with affirmation, then breathing, visualizing and last relaxation. The breathing area was the hardest for me. I couldn’t imagine trying to breath from my stomach instead of my chest. Once I figured it out though I found it to be quiet relaxing. Trying to learn that alone helped me with my focus.

This CD has such a positive attitude that anyone can enjoy and learn from it. It will work for even the most skeptical person. I know because I was one of those people. I used to think "Meditation work for me? Yea right." After listening to this CD, my whole attitude has changed. If it can work for me it can work for you. I recommend you try and see.