Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is also called champissage massage. The phrase was coined by an Indian massage therapist named Narendra Mehta. He grew up in India and had the benefit of the Indian head massage throughout his life.

The Indian head massage is credited with giving Indian women their long luxurious hair. In today’s world, hair stylists often massage the scalp during washing to promote circulation and stimulate the follicles. But this type of massage has even further reaching implications, at least in India where it was being performed.

Mehta resolved to bring the benefits of this massage to the Western world and it became a reality in the nineties in London. He developed a technique that involved the head, neck, shoulders and back. In ayurvedic medicine, the body has several chakras, or points of light. Each chakra helps to balance the body. When one is not properly functioning, working with that chakra can restore balance to the entire body.

During an Indian head massage, three chakras are addressed: the third eye (forehead), the master chakra (crown of the head) and the vishuddha (located in the throat). The massage begins with the upper back and shoulders and then extends upward to each chakra.

People carry much of their tension in their neck and their head. Using various techniques during the champissage massage can help the body release those tensions, fatigue and pain. Depending on the client’s complaint, different chakras are concentrated on during the session. Rebalancing the chakras allow the natural healing nature of the body to take over and repair itself.

What do most people notice after an Indian head massage? They are pleasantly surprised that simply working from the neck up can bring so much relief. Practitioners have found that working with the third eye can bring clarity and focus. It is as if the entire body was massaged and not just the head.

Champissage has been known to relieve headaches and muscle tension throughout the body, increase blood flow to the scalp (your hair will grow), relieve eye strain and increase overall well-being.

Are you looking for a massage that addresses your entire body without working on your entire body? Try Indian head or the champissage technique to address your entire body from the top.