Imak Arthritis Gloves

The Imak Arthritis Gloves are a fantastic and helpful product. They are made from cotton Lycra, a material mix that allows your skin to breathe but, at the same time, keeps your hands dry. The design of the gloves, with the open fingertips, gives you the freedom to work, whether in an office on a computer or in the garden, while keeping the rest of your hands warm.

They are called arthritis gloves as they offer some compression, which improves circulation by increasing the blood flow, which keeps your hands from swelling and aching. Doctors also recommend them at night time if you suffer from cold hands, which in turn can worsen your arthritis symptoms. But you don’t have to be an arthritis sufferer to take advantage of these versatile and handy gloves.

Overall, I think that if you suffer from joint pain in your hands or could use a pair of gloves you can work in to keep your hands warm, a pair of Imak Arthritis Gloves are certainly worth a try.