I'm Like, So Fat!

I’m like, So Fat was written by Dr Neumark-Sztainer, a Professor at the University of Minnesota. Her specific research interests are in the field of adolescent health and nutrition and how to prevent obesity and eating disorders. Her book offers in depth information on teenagers’ weight and health issues backed up with strong research.

The book covers chapters on weight-related problems in susceptive teens, causes and contributory factors. Other topics include how and why parents matter, exploring the importance of friends, fads and fashion on a teenager’s health, physical activity, the four cornerstones of healthy weight and body image. Dr Neumark-Sztainer talks about her own experience raising teenagers as well as showing research and case studies. The book also includes helpful advice and strategies for parents.

Furthermore, you can read up on teenage nutrition, teaching teens to pay attention of portion control and calories without obsessing, vegetarianism, how to make a difference at home, how to spot the signs of an eating disorder and what to do about it.

In today’s fast-food and media-obsessed world, teenagers are bombarded with different messages that pushes fat but promotes the opposite. Teenager’s self-image suffers and this creates fundamental health problems in our society. I’m like, So Fat offers excellent advice for all worried parents on how to deal with health issues in their teenagers and how to promote their well-being.