What Is a Hot Stone Massage?

Massages are an indulgence that everyone should try at least once in their lives. Your body goes through a lot on a daily basis and a massage is a way to remove the kinks and purge the body of that bad energy. Next time you schedule a massage, try a hot stone massage.

Hot stone massages are an alternative to the regular type of massage you can get at a spa. The hot stones are placed at certain points along the back to relieve pressure and relax muscles. It is an ancient practice to use finger pressure and massage in certain points on the body to relieve ailments of the body. The belief is that the entire body is a network of connections that can be affected through the hands, feet and other pressure points.

Hot stone massage works within this principle. The stones used are smooth and flat with some weight but not too heavy. Most are made of a substance called basalt. The stones are kept in water in a heated bath until a temperature suitable for massage is reached.

While the stones are heating, you will be on the massage table on your stomach getting comfortable. Most massage clients, especially first-time clients, have tightly knotted muscles. It can take a lot of deep pressure to loosen the kinks. That pressure can be uncomfortable to some.

Hot stones allow for a gentler touch to the muscles and pressure points of the body. The area to be massaged is covered with massaging oil. The oil allows the stones to slide across the skin as well as the therapist’s hands.

Stones are them placed in a line along the center of the back. You may be asked to turn your palms up and a stone is placed in each palm and on the soles of the feet. Basalt stones hold their heat longer so that your muscles are relaxed and kept warm. This technique aids in circulation which is good for clients who suffer from arthritis, back pain and circulatory conditions.

For areas where muscles are still tight, the stone itself may be used as the massage tool. After removing the stones, the muscle is ready and less pressure needs to be applied to work the tissues. After kneading with the hands, the stones may be reapplied to keep the muscles pliable.

You may be asked to turn over for more massage work on your abdomen, front of the arms and front of the legs. Hot stone massages are costly but they benefit people who are stressed or have chronic pain.

Try a hot stone massage to relieve your stress and joint pain. The stones are used as a massaging tool to keep the body warm and the muscles more flexible for deeper massage techniques.