A Hot Bath Is A Cure-All Remedy

Hot baths do warrant a word of caution before we continue. Check the temperature carefully. While we say “hot bath” the water would feel better if it was warm to the touch but not scalding. It is hard to relax when you are sustaining third-degree burns.

Also, if you suffer from any condition where hot baths are contraindicated, don’t attempt them. This goes for pregnancy as well as if you have circulatory issues. You don’t want to faint and fall as you get out of the tub, because this can cause serious injury.

With that said, let’s return to the benefits of a hot bath. It is not just the water alone but what you add to it that can help with such conditions as:

* Anxiety and stress
* Colds and sinus issues
* Sore, aching muscles
* Dry, itchy skin

The steam coming off of the water acts like a humidifier. If you close your bathroom door and let the room fill up with steam as you run the bath, you are on your way to a soothing experience.

For stress and anxiety there are certain herbs that have been used for centuries as calming agents. Take lavender, for example. It is known to soothe the mind and in turn, relieve stress in the body. Using lavender oils and bath salts in your water will help your stress to ebb away. Your problems won’t disappear but you will be better able to handle them.

Using eucalyptus will help with that pesky cold you feel coming on. Again, the humidifier effect of the water and the eucalyptus can help to open nasal passages for freer breathing.

Your body can build up toxins from simple daily life. Soaking in a bath with Epsom salts can help to leech these toxins out of your system. Hot water helps to dilate blood vessels for better blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Muscles benefit from this because they are able to relax which aids in recovery from soreness.

Using bath oils helps to moisturize your skin. In the winter, this is especially important as skin tends to be on the dry side. If you have dry skin, you won’t need to soak as long in the water, but soothing oils will nourish your skin as you bathe.

Are you ready to soak those cares away? A hot bath may be just what the doctor ordered. Besides the candles and soft music, try a few bath salts, scented oils and herbs to heal whatever ails you.