Honey and Garlic: Cure Directly from the Kitchen

People have discovered what their ancestors knew a long time ago: the earth can be used to heal the people who live on it. Some remedies for cuts, scrapes, cold, fever and internal ailments are as close as the kitchen in your home. Two of those cures are found in honey and garlic.

Bees have known since the beginning of time that they were special. They spend their entire lives gathering pollen to create nectar and turn it into honey. You enjoy the sweet-tasting fruit of their labors in your tea and desserts, but what about when you are sick? Honey has a wide range of applications for curing what ails you.

Honey has properties to fight infections in the body. When you cut yourself, apply a little honey to the wound to kill any bacteria in the vicinity. It is sticky and dries quickly to form a seal over whatever it is resting on. If it happens to be your scrape or cut, honey can be just as good if not better than a bandage for keeping dirt and bugs out of a healing wound.

Honey has been added to tea to soothe tired vocal cords and reduce the irritation of a sore throat. Forget the tea and eat a spoonful of honey every day to induce a restful night of sleep and keep your immune system operating at optimal levels. That same spoonful of honey can turn that irritating cough into a productive one by loosening mucous secretions. Mix it with vinegar and apple juice for a stomach soother.

What about garlic? It is not a desirable smell on your breath, but it does wonders for your body. Garlic and onions are from the same family of plants that contain a substance called allicin. This substance has been found to lower blood cholesterol, blood pressure and cut the symptoms of a cold. Those who ingest garlic regularly are doing a good thing for their heart and vascular systems.

The best way to get garlic is to include it in your diet. Pills are a second choice, but the garlic tastes so much better sprinkled on a baked potato or baked into a steak. Garlic is activated when it is cut; that is when the smell of the allicin is given off.

Garlic is known to be an anti-microbial agent, fighting bacteria, fungus and viral infections. It strengthens the immune system to fight colds and their symptoms. Eating hot soup infused with garlic keeps the body strong against colds, flu and sinus issues. You can use garlic in a paste or poultice directly on the body to aid in healing of cuts.

Garlic has a strong odor but it also does a mighty job. Add a little garlic to your daily menu to keep the body healthy proactively. As for honey, just ask a bee how helpful it is.