High Protein Snacks

What Are Snacks?

Snacks are like mini meals that help us get through the day. They don’t need to be heavy or they will have the opposite effect. Eating at regular intervals helps increase your metabolism. That’s what is needed to help burn unwanted fat from the body. Your metabolism is like a train engine that constantly needs to be stoked so that it can run at top speed.

All too often, we choose the wrong kind of snacks to eat. A sufficient snack is around 150 calories. Eating two or three snacks a day plus meals equals six smaller servings instead of three larger ones. When you eat more often, you don’t need to eat as much to reach a feeling of fullness.

Foods to Try for Snacking

Most snacks are usually high in fat, salt or sugar. These things are full of empty calories. That results in you being hungry again in an hour or so, because your snack had no real nutritional value. Also, those empty calories will stick to your waistline.

The ideal snack would be filling and also leave you with more energy. The way to do that is to choose high protein, low carb snacks. The protein in your snacks helps to fight back against cravings. Protein also builds muscle.

The carbohydrate factor in your food keeps the blood sugar steady. Too much sugar in your snacks will give you an energy boost but it will be short lived. In about thirty minutes, you will come crashing down, craving another sweet snack to follow that one.

Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and therefore keep the blood sugar at optimum levels throughout the day. Without cravings, you are thinking less about sugar and more about your daily activities. You can eat satisfying foods and smaller meals without feeling deprived.

Here are some examples of high protein, low carb snacks. Some are contained in one food but others require food combining.

* Nuts – nuts are a good source of protein. They contain fats but they are unsaturated fats that the body can use. Try a serving or two of almonds or pistachios for a snack.

* Cheese – did you know that cheese contains protein? Eat it with a small apple for the right amount of protein, carbs and sweetness to keep you satisfied until your next meal.

* Low-fat yogurt – Yogurt contains protein and calcium. Top with a bit of granola or bran to add carbs.

* Boiled eggs – A boiled egg provides protein. Mix it with mayonnaise and add a whole wheat pita for a quick snack. To keep the portion size small, use one egg, a tablespoon of mayonnaise and half a pita.