Heart Attacks and Post-Operative Recovery

If you’ve had a heart attack, there are certain procedures you need to follow in order to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally. The first thing to know is that you are not an invalid, so don’t treat yourself like one. The operation was successful; and the heart will heal itself.

After all of the post-operative tests have been completed, and your doctor deems that you are well on your way to recovery and require no further treatment, you need not restrict your activities. Sometimes, men feel if they exert themselves in any way, they will wind up back in the hospital. This is just anxiety and fear which accompanies patients who have had heart surgery.

Just as panic attack victims never revisit the place they have had an attack; it is often the case that men who have had heart surgery will not engage in any activity because of the fear they will have another attack. You have to stop thinking in those terms. Your doctor gave you a clean bill of health; therefore, carry on with your life by returning to your job; playing golf or whatever it is you have enjoyed before, as long as your doctor advises it’s okay to do so.

There are some areas of your life which you may need to change. In addition to not having sex for six weeks, it is important to stop smoking; reduce your weight; and exercise often. Your doctor will advise you further on what you need to avoid.

Spending 20 minutes a day hitting a golf ball or swimming or walking is all you need to keep your heart rate up. Your diet has to be sodium and cholesterol free, as well as low in fat.

Remember too, your body has been through a shock; it’s natural therefore, that you would be hesitant completing even the most menial tasks. But you need to rid your mind of fear. It will only cause stress and invite trouble. If you can’t cope with the fact that you’ve had a heart attack, you can always talk to friends or community groups; talk to your loved ones about your fears; and consult with your doctor as well. Anxiety is natural; but it should not last forever.

Also keep in mind that most heart attack patients have a high survival rate. So enjoy your life, your loved ones and anything else which makes you happy. Live each day as it comes; but live it to the fullest. Keep your stress down and your optimism high. Don’t worry about tomorrow; concentrate on today.