Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child covers a topic that is dear to every new parents' heart. It explains how to help your baby to develop healthy sleep patterns to enable healthy growth and development. As every new parent realizes very quickly, life changes dramatically with newborns - especially when it comes to baby's and your own sleep (and sanity). Trying to get your baby to fall asleep happily and peacefully is of the utmost importance.

Dr Weissbluth, the author of "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child", is a renowned pediatrician and father who provides lots of good information on infant/baby sleep and how to set up sleeping habits to help your baby fall asleep. He gives lots of information on healthy sleep topics, from sleep duration at night, naptime, healthy sleep positions, SIDS and why healthy sleep is so important for your child's development. The chapter on sleep strategies covers topics every new parent will find important, from family bed vs crib, bottle feeding vs breast-feeding baby to sleep, bedtime routines, to letting your baby "cry" him/herself to sleep or not. He also gives solutions to various sleep problems, such as sleep walking, nightmares, fear of the dark, bedwetting and lots more. I particularly like the chapter on healthy sleep routines and duration, broken down in age groups, from newborn to adolescent.

This book is well worth reading for every new parent as a resource on how to deal with sleeping issues etc. But obviously, every parent has their own opinion on what will work best in your own family and I would certainly think it advisable to read various books on this topic and create your own personal habits that suit your own parenting style. For example, Dr Weissbluth advocates letting your baby "cry" him/herself to sleep, so obviously, if this goes totally against what you believe in, then this book would not be the ideal parenting book for you.