Health Card

Having an alternative health card can help individuals save on costs of natural alternatives to allopathic health care.

We are only a generation or two removed from those who introduced many Eastern-style philosophies about health care to the United States, and just look at where we are now – tai chi, yoga, and meditation are not uncommon phrases.

Aromatherapy candles are being sold in malls, and massage therapy is a common way of life for many. Because of the growing interest in complementary and alternative medicine, many employers are now offering the option of having an alternative healthcare card.

Thanks to the new surge in popularity of alternative health, using this card is quick, easy, and painless. Unlike an insurance card, an alternative healthcare card is often just a discount card for alternative and complementary medicine services.

Most alternative healthcare card plans just require finding a participating provider of alternative or complimentary medicine in your area, making an appointment, and paying the pre-determined discounted fee at the office at the alternative health care provider.

An alternative healthcare card can help individuals find discounts for procedures like as chiropractic manipulation. This may often cover initial exams and evaluations of new patients and X-rays associated with the visit.

Acupuncture therapy, a normally costly and time-intensive procedure, may also be covered with an alternative health card. Massage or acupressure therapy costs may also be defrayed with an alternative healthcare card, as would nutritional counseling.

Some alternative health care programs such as Aetna offer natural products at a discounted rate to holders of an alternative healthcare card for products relating to aromatherapy, homeopathy, biomagnetics, specialty supplements, and teas.

Other alternative health care programs offer comprehensive information about complementary and alternative health through pamphlets, books, and movies. More information about alternative and complementary medicine can be found at