Harbinger Big Grip II Weight Lifting Gloves

Men and women alike enjoy weight lifting as part of their gym workout. Wearing weight lifting gloves prevents calluses from forming on the palms. The gloves also offer a better and more secure grip on the weights during certain weight lifting routines.

The Harbinger Big Grip II Weight Lifting Gloves are the ultimate weight training glove for serious lifters. With a "No-Slip" Dura-Grip rubber pads on the palm and fingers, grabbing the bar provides increased traction, cushioning, and durability. The gloves have fully adjustable wrist closure to customize the fit, as well as innovative curved finger design that fits the natural shape of the hand. Harbinger Big Grip II Weight Lifting Gloves can be machine washed and air dried. The "Comfort Tech" leathers and fabrics stay supple, comfortable, and last longer. NoSweat materials keep moisture away for increased comfort.

If you are looking for weight lifting gloves that are comfortable to wear, long lasting and, at the same time, offer superior protection for your hands - check out Amazon.com to purchase these gloves. Sies range from small to XXL.