Growing Pains

Most of the time, the complaint from kids is that they feel pain in the front or backs of their legs. This is over the area of the muscles in that region. Muscle aches can result from a number of sources. First, these pains are usually felt in older kids and early adolescence. At this time, kids often play sports or play outside a lot during the day.

That type of hard play can lead to sore muscles. Kids aren’t used to properly stretching when they go out to play tag, so muscle fatigue can be an issue. How do you resolve the problem?

If they go to bed with pain or wake up with it, you can give them a pain reliever. Ibuprofen or Tylenol work well.

As another measure you can help them with a few simple movements.

* Stretch – When they take their evening bath, teach them how to stretch out their legs before they go to bed. Now that the muscles are warmed from the bath water, they can work out any potential kinks. Even if they don’t hurt right then, this can avoid interrupted sleep.

* Massage – Try massaging their lower legs before they go to bed. If they wake up in the middle of the night, you can knead those muscles then too. The pain may be from a knot in the muscle due to play.

* Heating pads – You don’t have to use the hot water bottle. There are thermal pads that you can purchase to cover the affected area so they get constant warm treatment while they sleep.

Growing pains are usually not a reason to go to the doctor. There is nothing that they can recommend for you except pain relievers and some form of stretching. One reason to see a doctor would be if there was a fever accompanying that pain. It could be a sign of an infection somewhere in the body.