Grapes and Celery Juice


Bunch of red grapes
2 stalks of celery

Tip: Fruit juices are great for overall health. At first it takes a little time to get used to the taste, but eventually you’ll get there…. Just think of all those health benefits! Another tip is to mix your fruit juice with a little natural apple juice (juice apples along with the veggies) to give it a sweeter taste.

Juice according to juice instructions and enjoy! Turn this juice into a super juice by adding a little spirulina powder, available at your health food store.

Fruit & Veggie Facts:

Grapes, particularly red grapes, provide a great amount of antioxidants. The nutrients in grapes also help purify your glands and bloods. Celery contains the compounds coumarins which may help prevent free radicals from damaging cells, which means it can help keep your cells health and strong. Celery is also a great diuretic.