One thing that makes gliding stand out is the utter lack of complicated equipment. You will need two gliding discs - that’s all. These discs can be used for your hands or your feet when performing an exercise. They provide a smoother movement through different exercises, as well as increase resistance to challenge your muscle groups in new ways.

The gliding discs can be used on hardwood or linoleum floors. When performing certain exercises, they force the focus to stay on the core muscles (abs and back) while you work to balance yourself and also perform the technique. Don’t worry; they are not super-slick rounded tools of death. You won’t do unexpected splits or injure your groin.

There is enough resistance to help you build muscle, and enough fluid movement to make even the hardest exercises easier on your knees and elbows. Let’s say that you are leaning to the side with one arm overhead and one leg behind the other in a sort of stretch. Moving that leg from the start position to a new position behind the front leg is easier with gliding discs.

* Lunges - Traditionally a lunge is performed with legs shoulder width apart and the lead leg moving forward into a bend that is felt within the quadriceps and the gluteus muscles. With the gliding discs, you can perform a reverse lunge with the same (if not better) muscle control and tension.

Still begin with legs shoulder width apart. Slowly, with tension in your quadriceps, move one leg backwards into the lunge position. Without losing tension, return the back leg to the start position.

* Abs exercise – You may have done this one by mistake as a kid when you slipped on a paper or plastic bag. Use the discs under your hands. Place knees on the ground shoulder width apart with ankles crossed. At the start your hands are close to your body. Slowly, move both hands out in front of you until all tension is in your abs and no pain exists in your back. Return slowly to start.

These are just two exercises, but you get the idea. The discs can be used to fashion a new routine or to enhance an existing one. Either way, it increases muscle work to help you tone muscles fast.