Mindy Mylrea’s Gliding Cardio Crazy DVD

Gliding is a great way of achieving sculpted muscles and toning your body while burning fat and having fun. The gliding discs system was invented by Mindy Mylrea, a fitness instructor. In her DVD “Mindy Mylrea’s Gliding Cardio Crazy DVD” she guides you through a 65 minute fast cardio workout using gliding discs. The exercises incorporate gliding exercises with high intensity drills such as lunges and squats to get your muscles (and your heart) working. You will feel your muscles for days afterwards.

The DVD is not meant for a beginner glider, but for the intermediate to advanced student.

In my opinion, if you like gliding discs and gliding exercises and if you are already familiar with them, this DVD by Mindy Mylrea will certainly get you moving and sweating. I would certainly recommend it as part of your weekly fitness regime together with other activities.