Ginseng Has Healing Properties!

Ginseng is a beautiful herb that has been used for centuries in Asian medicine. Its healing properties have come to the Western world. You may know some things about ginseng, but here are a few you might not be familiar with.

Ginseng is an herb from ancient times. A particular species of the herb, Panax ginseng, is grown in China. There is a variety of ginseng that grows in America, Panax quinquefolius. The Asian species is more used for medicinal purposes because of its high quality.

According to Chinese medicine, the life force in all living things is called qi (pronounced “chi”). It has a light and a dark force, namely yin and yang. Ginseng is used to strengthen that life force energy. The Asian ginseng represents yang and the American represents yin.

Ginseng has been used to heal fatigue and stress. The Asian ginseng is good for exhaustion. It provides a way to stimulate the body. American ginseng is used for someone who is exhausted from fever or illness. Heat exhaustion falls into this category.

One of the uses is to increase energy and stamina. These terms are mostly used when talking about sexual desire but athletes may use it to enhance physical endurance. It is also an aphrodisiac.

When the body is weak, ginseng can be used to help the body recover. It stimulates the body. In the elderly, ginseng is taken to bring them back to optimal health. It has been said that the herb lowers cholesterol, headaches, body weakness and blood pressure. It is also said to reduce mental issues, such as confusion which is a common occurrence with the aging process.

Saponins are chemicals found in ginseng. They have been studied and found to facilitate different functions within the body:

* Increase immunity
* May inhibit the growth of tumors
* Stabilize blood sugar
* Stimulate production of bone marrow
* Remove toxins from the liver

These are just a few of the properties attributed to ginseng. It is also taken as a tonic for fatigue.

Before using ginseng in any form, consult your doctor. If you are taking prescription medications, using this herb may inhibit the effects of those drugs. Herbal remedies are to be treated like medicines. Certain herbs can produce side effects such as high blood pressure, tachycardia, sleeplessness and irritability.

If you desire to take ginseng, try some tea. Drink a cup or two a day from water boiled in a non-metal container. You can add flavorings to sweeten the taste.

Ginseng can also be eaten raw. It is said that the root can be eaten just as it is too. Any benefits of using ginseng take time to manifest so don’t give up after a few days.

Ginseng is an herb that has a long history of healing properties for fatigue and anxiety. Give it a try if your doctor gives the okay.