The G.I. Diet Menopause Clinic

The G.I. Diet Menopause Clinic is another book from the bestselling author of the G.I. Diet, Rick Gallop. Gallop is the former president and CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

In his latest book, The G.I. Diet Menopause Clinic, he turned to women who face menopausal and post menopausal weight gain and middle-age spread . The book features a real-life 13 week long e-clinic with real-life and inspiring stories and advice from the participants. It includes lots of tips, encouragement and ideas, including weekly meal plans. Gallop supports and encourages you throughout the book as your coach to fight the weight problems associated with menopause to a new and healthier you.

If you are suffering from extra weight and wish to permanently lose weight to feel healthier especially during the menopausal years, this book might be the book for you.