Get Out of My Life: But First Could You Drive Me to the Mall

Get Out of My Life is a guidebook full of essential information to help parents understand and survive the, sometimes difficult, teenage years. The author, Anthony E Wolf, PhD, is a practicing clinical psychologist who has been working with teenagers and children for over 30 years.

He starts his book by describing adolescence in its entirety, from intellectual to physical changes. He talks about how teenagers respond to these chances and how they can cause turmoil in their own minds. He also describes the different behavior of the opposite sexes. As an example, fitting-in for female teens is very important and their self-esteem is very much tied to their popularity.

The sometimes problematic interaction between teens and their parents is analyzed in the book. The author provides parents with examples of teenage demands and how to deal with them appropriately.

In this revised edition, the author has included a chapter on difficult issues adolescents face nowadays, from the Internet, drugs and drinking, gay teenagers to trouble in school and sex.

Anthony E. Wolf’s book gives a valuable insight into teenage behaviour. A great book to help bewildered parents raise and understand their teenagers.