What Are the Benefits of Fresh Fruit Juices?

Fruits and vegetables are part of the food pyramid endorsed by the Department of Agriculture. Eating them provides tons of vitamins and minerals that the human body needs on a daily basis to function. We try to get as many as possible naturally from foods instead of depending on a different form that comes from supplements.

The world contains such a large variety of these two foods that you could eat something different every day. It is recommended that we get at least five or more servings each day. Unfortunately, most people don’t get even one serving. Their vegetables come as condiments on top of burgers or hot dogs.

An easy way to get your five a day instead of eating the fruit and vegetables is to juice them. Most vegetables can be juiced. It’s not just typical fruits that you find in smoothies (strawberries, pineapple, peaches, blueberries, oranges) but also more exotic fruits like mangos and papaya.

Most people don’t think about juicing vegetables, but many contain natural sugars that give them a sweet taste. You can juice carrots, greens, celery, beets and a host of others. Walk into any juicing shop and there’ll be a long list of the fruits and veggies that you can put together. Now, all of these won’t taste very palatable together so you’ll have to experiment.

Juicing is an acquired taste and you’ll need a juicer. They do cost a pretty penny but they pay for themselves in no time - not only in the amount of fruits and vegetables that you and your family will start to consume, but also in health benefits. Begin with fruits and vegetables that you enjoy eating. Sample each one in juice form and add others until you get a taste you like. You can mix fruits and vegetables. The result, no matter what, is a pure juice that will invigorate your body.

Many get their fruits and vegetables in cooked form. There is nutritional value there, but many nutrients have been processed out through cooking. It is good, but not as good as it can be for your body.

They say that eating an apple is better than drinking fruit juice. That is partially true. You get more fiber and a more full feeling with the whole fruit than processed fruit juice, even if it is 100% juice. With the juicing of raw fruits, you get not only some fiber but also other healthy substances within the fruit. And it is more convenient, especially if you don’t want to munch for fifteen minutes on an apple.