Fruit Facials

When it comes to taking care of your skin, the treatment may be as close as your kitchen. Natural ingredients can be used to help you keep enhance your skin without harsh chemicals. After all, early Americans didn’t have a Walgreen’s or the name brand skin cleansers. They learned about natural remedies.

Sallow skin is skin that is dull looking. Anyone can get it. It lacks the shine and luster that is often seen in healthy skin. To return that luster is to change something about the internal environment that will cause the skin to return to a normal coloring.

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It needs certain vitamins and minerals to keep it doing its job – protecting the internal body. Skin can be oily, dry and flaky or a combination of both. Without the proper nutrition, you can see blotchiness or blemishes from excess oil.

One way to return your skin to a moisturized state is to boost it with topical facial masks. These aren’t just any masks; these are fruit facial masks that anyone can create at home with the right foods. The fruit mask works in combination with activities like exercise and proper eating. Exercise can increase circulation, which in turn increases oxygen consumption and nutrient utilization.

Maybe your skin is not looking its best because it is not being taken care of properly. The mask will work to remove excess oils, retain moisture and remove dead cell layers so healthier skin underneath can shine through.

Here are some ingredients that you can use to make fruit facials.

* Strawberries – They are filled with antioxidants. For sallow skin, the seeds can gently exfoliate the outer layers without being harsh. You can also use raspberries and blackberries.

* Oatmeal – All masks need to have filler that holds the mask together. Oatmeal is good to absorb any excess oil in the skin and soften its feel. Try to find oatmeal that is ground to a fine powder instead of the big rolled oats.

* Bananas – And you wonder why babies have such shiny skin. Bananas are added for help in retaining moisture in your skin.

* Grapes – They contain antioxidant substances as well. See your skin tighten and tone.

* Cucumber – They are not just for your eyes but your entire face. Cucumbers reduce swelling and puffiness while soothing and cooling your skin.

Need help for your skin? How about a fruit facial mask? You can make it at home whenever you need to improve the look of your skin.