Foot Care

Did you know that feet work hard? In fact feet and knees feel the pressure of three times your body weight with each step. Now, imagine if you were pounding the pavement on a run.

Feet are hard working but they also have a delicate side. It is that side that you need to protect if you want to keep running for years to come. Want to know how? Here goes.

* Choose the proper footwear – All runners need running shoes. These are not your run-of-the-mill sneakers from Walmart. Go to a specialty store and have a salesperson watch you walk to see if you have a normal gait or if you roll your feet in (pronate) or out (supinate). Both of these conditions require a specific type of shoe to correct the problem. For instance, motion control shoes prevent pronators from rolling inwards when they run.

* Buy more than one pair of shoes – Alternating running shoes can help you to wear them more evenly. You maintain good cushioning of your joints as you run as well. A pair of shoes is good for few hundred miles of running and then it is recommended that you change them.

* Moisturize your feet – Besides wobbly feet you can also have sore ones. Moisturizing your feet regularly can prevent cracks and dry skin. This involves using a scrub to remove dead skin that may be lingering behind after you shower. Also, apply a moisturizer and wear a pair of breathable socks to bed so that your feet can remain soft.

* Use orthotics if need be – Even if you have a proper shoe, it may not provide all the necessary support that your feet need. Visit a podiatrist to have your feet examined. He can evaluate if you need a pair of orthotic inserts or not. If so, try to get the best deal that you can on them since you will need a pair for all your shoes.

* Take care of injuries – If you have stress fractures, follow doctor's orders. You may be able to run on them but if he says not to, then don’t. Pounding away at a foot injury will usually make it worse and keep you off the track for that much longer. Don’t be a hero. There will be other races.

* Massage your feet – Feet work hard and deserve some pampering. A regular foot massage can soothe tight ligaments and tendons. It can also return more oxygenated blood to your feet, keeping them healthier.