Dangers of Food Additives

The Truth about Food Additives

You will see food additives listed on the ingredient list, mostly as initials. They are not spelled out so you don’t actually find out what they are, but we will here so you know what you are eating. Many of these food additives are created with the help of chemicals that you would want to keep away from your families.

* BHA – This is butylated hydroxyanisole. Using it helps foods to stay fresh and keeps fats from molding. Look for it on the labels of chips and other fatty foods.

* MSG – We have been hearing about monosodium glutamate for years. It is a seasoning that preserves food. But it also raises blood pressure and can cause seizures, headaches and strokes. It has been removed from many sauces and seasonings but can still be purchased by itself as MSG.

* Aspartame – You may know it as the sugar substitute NutraSweet. It can be found in diet drinks and foods that say they are sugar free or low in sugar. You won’t see the actual name spelled out, but will see a label that says “sweetened with NutraSweet.” But, this food additive has caused tumors in lab animals.

* Trans fats – It’s also known as partially hydrogenated oils. Chemically it is how liquid oils can stay solid at room temperature. These fats have been used to fry fast foods and are also added to processed sweets for longer shelf life.

* Olestra – This is a fat substitute in chips and other snack foods. Eating too much can lead to cramps and oily stools.