Exervo TeraNova Premium EVA Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are used a lot nowadays to improve core strength, balance, posture and alignment. And if you suffer from neck and back pain and tension, foam roller exercises are a great way to relieve the tension and massage those sore areas.

The Exervo TeraNova Premium EVA Foam Rollers come in 4 sizes are made from high-quality EVA foam. The rollers feel soft and warm when used during exercise, which gives you a nice feeling of comfort. They mold to your body, but will keep their firmness and shape once released. The 4 different sizes are 36”, 18” each full round and half round, useful for a range of exercises.

If you are familiar with foam rollers and their many benefits, you know that you can use them to assist during Pilates exercises and core and abs exercises. They can also be used to massage your sore back, quads, hamstrings, calves and other sore spots – perfect for athletes, particularly runners.

I find foam roller exercises are an integral part of a workout routine and you can’t go wrong with these high-quality foam rollers. I also like the fact that if purchased, you will automatically receive a link to the company’s online selection of foam roller exercise articles and videos for more information on the subject.