Flatter Stomach Tips

It is important to note that there are no shortcuts to getting a flat stomach or six pack abs. You have to do the work. It will take some time, but you will love the results and that will spur you on to even higher exercise goals.

1. Evaluate your eating habits. The biggest obstacle to a flat stomach is eating too much fat. What usually happens is that you have done the work to get your abs in shape but no one (not even you) can see them if they are covered by fatty tissue.

2. Get plenty of protein. As you work the stomach and other muscles, they will need time to recover. Protein is the building block of muscle tissue.

3. Get involved in aerobic activity. Nothing burns excess fat like aerobics. Choose the activity you like: step, spinning, dancing, biking or hiking.

4. Incorporate strength training into your routine. If you need to lose weight, starting with aerobic activity will trim the fat which is important before adding strength training. Muscles will grow over time and with a large layer of fat, you will look bulkier even though you are in shape.

5. Change your meal frequency. We were always taught that eating three square meals a day was healthy. New evidence shows that eating six smaller meals keeps the metabolism high so that your body becomes a fat-burning machine twenty-four hours a day.

6. Get to work on those abs. There is no such thing as spot training. You can’t work the abs and instantly burn the fat over the top of them. The body will shrink the fat cells in the areas that it chooses (why not the abs first?). But, you can whip them into shape with targeted exercises.

7. Work all areas of your stomach. The six pack is only seen from the front but the entire abdominal region plays into their development. Besides the rectus abdominus, you also have the lower abs and the oblique abdominals.

8. Don’t give up. For some reason, men lose weight (and fat) faster than women. Your significant other may achieve that washboard stomach before you, but you will get there.

9. Be consistent. The stomach muscles are rare in that they can be worked every day. When strength training, the first thing that they tell you is to leave at least 24 hours between sessions that work the same muscle group.

10. Get your nutrients. Taking a vitamin supplement ensures that you get your proper nutrition even if you can’t get it from food.