5 Fitness Workouts For New Moms

Once your baby is born you are filled with so much joy at the blessed event. Unfortunately, this blessed event also comes with a few extras – weight gain and flaccid muscles for a start. Here are five workouts moms can do inside and outside the home to get their pre-baby shape back.

When you first bring your baby home, the trick is how to get sleep and tend to your baby at the same time. The last thing you are thinking about is weight loss. After the first few months when baby begins to settle into a routine, you’ll have more time to think about your body. If you breastfeed, good news. Breastfeeding causes the uterus to contract and return to its normal shape a lot faster that for mothers who do not.

Moms say that they don’t have time to think about fitness even after baby learns to sleep - when baby sleeps, they clean up and get a bath. However, baby has changed his or her schedule and changing yours will benefit you and baby. Here are some ways to achieve it:

1. Go for a walk. Everyone needs fresh air. For a newborn, use a Snuggly to carry him if he is awake. You can talk to him while you walk. If baby is asleep or on the edge of sleep, bundle him up in a stroller and hit the pavement. Jog strollers allow more ambitious moms who would rather run to do so along with baby.

2. Do some baby weightlifting. Who needs barbells when you have a new baby in the house? If baby is awake, use him to strengthen those muscles. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor for birth but also help get those out-of-position muscles back in shape. Place baby on your abdomen when doing crunches. Use him as your weight for bicep curls, military presses (carefully), and chest presses.

3. Put in a DVD. The great thing about DVDs is that they can be stopped and started with the touch of a button. Starting slow with your workouts will ensure you will stay with them. Try a twenty-minute program if that is all you have time for. As baby sleeps longer, increase the length of your workout.

4. Choose a gym with child care. Some women enjoy taking fitness classes. Getting out with others makes you feel like a real person again. A gym that has child care allows you to exercise without worrying that baby will wake up and interrupt.

5. Try water aerobics. You and your baby can take a water class. Babies live in water for nine months so they are used to it. Keep them in the water with you as you kick, twist and jog off the pounds. You might not sweat, but working the body in the water is a great resistance workout.

Now that baby is on a schedule, are you ready to lose that baby weight? Here are five ideas to use when baby is sleep or awake to get some exercise every day.