The Fitness Challenge Board Game

The Fitness Challenge Board Game is a fun way of getting you active and helping you to lose weight. It is an eight week fitness challenge and competition for two players.

The game has a unique point system that makes you exercise at least three days a week for eight weeks if you want to win. It comes with different workout choices and exercises you can do, so you won’t get bored. The included wager cards give fun ideas for all kinds of things to bet for. They give the players lots of incentives to get fit and exercise. Some incentives include for example massages, dinners out in nice restaurants. Non-incentives are having to wash the car or clean out the garage etc.

The game board can be hung upright on the fridge with the included magnets. You collect stars every time you exercise and place these on your board. The game is reusable and can be played over and over again.

The Fitness Challenge Board Game is an excellent motivational game to enjoy with your partner, friend or children.