Fertility Yoga with Monica Morrell

Diet and exercise can increase your fertility levels and your chances of getting pregnant. One great exercise is yoga and specifically fertility yoga. It is a mixture of traditional yoga poses and special postures that focus on improving reproductive health in a woman. Specific yoga poses decrease your stress and in doing so balance your hormone levels in your body which increases your ability to conceive.

The Fertility Yoga with Monica Morrell DVD runs for 50 minutes and caters for all levels. Monica Morrell starts with explaining what fertility yoga is and the positive effects that it can have on your reproduction system. Then she guides you through easy-to-follow poses that incorporate stretching and breathing to enhance calmness and the ability to focus in on yourself. The yoga session can either be followed in its entirety or you can choose poses to suit your own personal needs and comfort level.

The health benefits of fertility yoga are plenty: from improved muscle strength, better alignment of the body, deeper and healthier breathing, better blood circulation to improved positive attitude and mind-body balance.

Overall, if you, or anybody you know, is planning on conceiving or has a problem getting pregnant, the Fertility Yoga with Monica Morrell DVD might make a difference. It would certainly be worth having a closer look at this product.