The Fat Flush Foods

The Fat Flush Foods book is a fantastic guide about foods that release fat and burn away those inches around your tummy. At the same time, when eating those foods, your metabolism rises and your body will flush away toxins. You will feel revitalized and energetic.

In the book you learn about fat flush fruits, fat flush vegetables, fat flush staples and proteins, fat flush spices, herbs and supplements and there is even a section on fat flush on a budget. It also gives you extensive information on why these foods have certain health properties, such as being cholesterol-reducing, energizing, antibacterial, antifungal, blood sugar controlling and detoxifying. I find it very interesting to learn about why, for example, cranberries are cholesterol-zapping, diuretic and detoxifying fruits or why apple cider vinegar can give your maximum weight loss, reduces your cholesterol and overall improves your health.

In my opinion, this is a very interesting book on the top 50 fat flushing foods, how to use them and the many health benefits you can reap by incorporating them into your diet. Not only will you lose weight and feel great, but your can also help lower your cholesterol and reduce body fat.