Exercises for a Healthy Heart

Attention men! You want to maintain a healthy body and a healthy heart, right? Well here are some tips on how you can achieve both.

In combination with a proper diet filled with protein and nutrients; you can begin an exercise regimen that includes:

For twenty to thirty minutes; three to four days a week, begin with cardiovascular workouts; stretching; and strength exercises. Of course, if you belong to a gym, you will no doubt run the gamut of exercises for your entire body. But to keep your heart healthy, begin by stretching your limbs. This is mandatory before any exercise routine begins. Stretching helps alleviate any injury or strain to the muscles and limbs. When you begin your cardiovascular workout either by running; walking; or any of the low/high-impact workouts; this will help to strengthen your heart thereby allowing for the increase in oxygen. This will also help if you have high blood pressure or hypertension; and will strengthen your limbs and heart muscle.

You will know if these exercises are appropriate if you can exercise and talk at the same time. If not, slow down. Walk a bit less each day and work your way up to the full thirty minutes. When the weather is nice, outdoor activity can be utilized by bike riding; swimming; or jogging. Other activities which can improve your heart are basketball; handball; tennis, and volleyball.

Other ways in which you can keep active is by walking after dinner; not sitting too long in one spot, but get up and do some stretching exercises; park your car further away from your office or place of business; take the stairs occasionally instead of the elevator; rake the leaves; mow the lawn; and other activities which you enjoy and can engage in on a daily basis.

Coronary heart disease affects men more than women. You need to ensure you are taking every opportunity to protect and maintain a healthy heart. If you smoke, stop; if you are eating high in fat foods; change to low-fat, no sodium diets; choose to eat lean meats; vegetables, and fruits. The exercise and will not only keep your weight down, but will also lower your cholesterol as well.

Too often, men do not take the time to fully understand a diet high in fat can be the catalyst that causes heart disease. While you may be exercising now, you are not achieving the results needed for a healthy heart if you continue on a high-fat diet. It just takes a little effort to change your lifestyle to enjoy the benefits of a good life for a long time to come.