Everything Flat Belly Cookbook

The dangers of belly fat are well known and range from diabetes to high blood pressure. Losing weight around your midriff is very difficult. The Everything Flat Belly Cookbook features 300 recipes to help you to lose your body fat and tone your abs.

The authors of the cookbook are Fitz Koehler, a well-known wellness consultant and fitness expert, and Mabelissa Acevedo, a licensed dietician. Together they have created strategic meal plans, abs exercises and recipes that will get you in shape, lose the belly fat and tone your stomach.

Examples of the easy to make and delicious recipes are:

* Apple Strawberry Crumble
* Fitz’s Low-Fat Cheesecake
* Low-Fat Alfredo Sauce
* Chicken Burrito
* Citrus Crunch Pork Chops
* French “Fried” Carrot Sticks
* Sweet Crusted Chicken Salad
* And many more

This cookbook gives you great recipes and advice on how to improve your general health, feel great, get rid of those extra pounds and enjoy life.