Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are designed to give you more boost in your day. Mid-afternoon is usually the time when you feel weary. After work you have a second life to take care of – home. It makes you tired thinking about it because you are already spent.

Now, you reach for the energy drinks. When you take a swig or two, you begin to feel hopeful. For the next hour or two you are walking on air with energy to burn. It helps you get through your evening, but what next?

Here are some of the side effects of using energy drinks.

* Crashing and burning – It is like a big liquid candy bar. You get more energy for a longer period of time than if you eat a sugary candy bar, but the inevitable does happen. You will notice a spike in your blood sugar levels as you go about doing all the things you were previously too tired to do. Then, it will feel like the bottom has dropped out of your life as you feel so sluggish you wonder if you didn’t just walk into quicksand. Your energy is even less than before.

* Weight gain – Many of these energy drinks are mostly sugar and caffeine. Caffeine is known to be an eye opener. But all that sugar will find its way to your bloodstream if it is not needed, it will be stored in the body as fat. These drinks can be high in calories. Without knowing it, more and more of your daily intake of calories will be empty ones that are fitting nicely on your hips.

* Elevated caffeine levels – Too much caffeine is not advantageous for your body. It can lead to irritability, high blood pressure and even sleeplessness. After all your work is done you want to sleep, but the levels of caffeine can prevent this. If you already suffer from heart problems, diabetes or high blood pressure, consuming energy drinks may not be the best idea for you.

* Withdrawal – These energy drinks are not a substitute for sleep or proper nutrition. Your body will begin to crave caffeine after you have stopped drinking energy drinks. This can lead to headaches, mood swings and even nausea.