Eat to Live

A woman in her 80’s commented recently that “food is not important; it is just there to sustain me.” Since obesity has become a pandemic in this country, the question we have to ask is: Do we, as a society live to eat?

In his book, Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Dr. Joel Furhman “offers his healthy, effective, and scientifically proven plan for shedding radical amounts of weight quickly, and keeping it off.

Losing weight under Dr. Fuhrman's plan is not about willpower, it is about knowledge. The key to this revolutionary diet is the idea of nutrient density, as expressed by the simple formula Health=Nutrients/Calories.”

To lose weight, keep it off, and live a long and healthy life, we must consume fewer calories. The big question always is: How to do that and still feel satisfied? You'll learn in Dr. Fuhrman's book that the answer is filling your diet with the most nutrient dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, and beans, which tend to be very low in calories vs. their physical bulk.

With these foods, your body's nutrient requirements are met very quickly, therefore controlling hunger. Also, you can eat large volumes of food, feel very satisfied, and still not consume too many calories.

This book is not composed of a diet plan. Rather, it is a change in lifestyle. It is written for anyone who wants to lose weight and is committed to the challenge. The plan is a simple one. The first six weeks encompasses meals such as salads, fruits and vegetables. Once you understand the difference between the hunger you feel two hours after a burger and fries, and real hunger in your stomach, it is easy.

For example: The book includes 7-day menus and recipes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. A sample day may include the following meals:

Breakfast: Baked apple with raisins and cinnamon.
Lunch: Salad-stuffed pita with hummus spread and fresh fruit.
Dinner: Mixed baby greens with cracked peppercorn dressing, broccoli and red pepper soup, slice of 7-grain bread, corn on the cob with vegetable-based seasoning.

In a nutshell, this book contains all the information you need to implement healthy changes in your life. As one reader commended, “No one could adopt these dietary changes without seeing improvement, or complete resolution, of their chronic health conditions.”